What are the access requirements for a work placement?

In many cases, no specific access requirements are stipulated for an work placement, although exceptions exist:

  • A programme can demand strict sequentiality and certain starting competences, if this has been approved by the Registrar’s Office (cf. §41 of Ghent University’s education and examination code). The starting competencies can be formulated in the course description file in terms of:
    • having passed, or having acquired credits for, (parts of) a particular course unit (e.g. practicals)
    • having passed a previous work placement period. 
  • In addition, legal stipulations can impose certain access requirements. For example, trainees are not allowed to carry out certain work placement tasks. These include tasks that expose the students to hazardous substances, extreme heat, cold, loud noise or vibrations.

Last modified April 1, 2021, 1:45 p.m.