Why does Ghent University think work placements are important?

Ghent Universty attaches great importance to work placement because they offer an added value, both for the students and the programmes. This educational tip will discuss that added value. The tip is based on the Ghent University vision on work placements, as approved by the Educational Council.

What added value does a work placement offer students?

A work placement offers students the opportunity to:

  • get acquianted extensively with the (national and/or international) professional field;
  • to get an idea of the working life;
  • to build a network;
  • to create employment opportunities;
  • to integrate their acquired knowledge, skills and attitudes autonomously and flexibly in a varied range of realistic situations;
  • to grow in their professional, independent functioning;
  • to further develop other important attitudes in the field. 


Because of this added value, Ghent University encourages programmes to offer qualitative work placements that meet the minimum quality standards and that strive to meet clear work placement competencies. This way, work placements can offer students the biggest learning experience. 

What added value does in work placement offer for programmes?

A work placement offers the following advantages for programmes:

  • For study programmes, work placements comprise an important component of the practice component. In some programmes, a work placement is a compulsory component of the practice component (possibly in the context of professionally regulated work placements), while, in other programmes, a work placement may be offered as an elective. 
  • Work placements ensure the societal relevance of the programme and a close affiliation with the professional field in the curriculum, for example to build a network.
  • Via work placements, important external stakeholders, such as the professional field and alumni, are involved in the content of the programme. This involvement of the external perspective on the programme plays an important role in the “Eigen Regie 2.0”.

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