How to Determine the Quality of a Work Placement?

The quality of an work placement is directly linked to the efficiency of the students' learning process. That is why Ghent University puts great store by safeguarding the quality of its work placements. Found out how in the following Education Tip. 

What are the Quality Factors for a Work Placement?  

When choosing a work placement, the following quality factors are important: 

  • the student should have sufficient learning opportunities; 
  • the host organisation should offer a positive learning environment;
  • the host organisation should offer sufficient student supervision. 

How to Use the Checklist for a High-Quality Work Placement? 

To establish whether or not an work placement is qualitative, Ghent University has compiled a checklist that lecturers can amend if needed. Both lecturers and students can use the list to determine the quality of a work placement: partnerships with high-quality work placements/host organisations should of course be continued. Partnerships with work placements/host organisations refusing to engage in a dialogue about areas of improvement should be discontinued. The checklist helps you to make arrangements with the host organisations beforehand. Essential arrangements, such as student supervision by the host organisation, should be included in the work placement contract. 


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