Student Insurance During Work Placement

Ghent University Work Placement Students: Types of Insurance? 

Ghent University has taken out the following insurances (in Dutch) for trainees: 

  • industrial/workplace accidents, in order to ensure that students are also insured for occupational accidents at the location of the work placement, and when travelling to and from the work placement location;


    civil liability;


    travel assistance (for work placements abroad).

Points to consider for international work placements:

  • students are responsible for taking out a health insurance policy themselves;


Liability During a Work Placement?

What to do in case a trainee causes damage to the work placement provider/host institution or to a third party (e.g. a client of the work placement provider)? 

According to Belgian law: 

  • in case the trainee has made an untypical but minor mistake: the work placement provider is liable.


This liability is covered by the conditions and limits of Ghent University’s insurance policy on general civil liability.

  • in case the trainee commits fraud, makes a serious mistake or a typical minor mistake: the trainee is personally liable.


Personal liability is not covered by Ghent University. 

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