Are You Allowed to Post YouTube Videos on Ufora?

If you want to use YouTube videos in your Ufora course, you should be aware of the relevant legislation. Read TechTransfer’s legal advice here and find out under which circumstances you can use those videos without any problems.


What Are the Conditions for Using YouTube Videos?


  • YouTube encourages the spread of published video material but does impose several conditions. The terms & conditions explain the technical details. It is worth reading this document thoroughly. In a nutshell, the conditions are as follows:
    • YouTube does not allow you to make a local copy (download) of the video material on their website and then make it available via another server. If you use YouTube material on Ufora, you have to do so using a so-called live link. This way, the video is shown in the YouTube player.
    • In YouTube, you will find an URL underneath the share button. That URL can be integrated into Ufora. In so doing, YouTube remains the video's responsible publisher (broadcaster) from a technical point of view.
  • The legal analysis is a lot more nuanced. The bottom line is that if an author objects to the publication of his or her work, s/he has to take that up with YouTube. There are standard procedures for this purpose, and if the video is taken offline, your link on Ufora will no longer work either. This may be inconvenient, but it does mean that you do not have to make any copyright arrangements yourself.
  • Is it important for you to post a particular video in Ufora and you do not want to depend on an external provider like YouTube?
    • Contact the publisher, author or owner of the video in question to obtain his or her authorisation.
    • Or: search YouTube for a video with a Creative Commons (CC) licence. Such a licence allows you to download the video and use it outside of the YouTube context.


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