Educational Quality Assurance Unit: Procedures and Improvement Policy

The following education tip provides inspiration to write Chapter 'Educational Quality Assurance Unit: Procedures and Improvement Policy' of the Faculty Monitor. If applicable, separate suggestions are given for the PLAN and the DO.


Describe the faculty’s vision on the role of the EQCU (Dutch: CKO) in faculty educational quality policy.


  • specify the actual processes and procedures with which the CKO monitors relevant quality measurements and other evaluations:
    • which quality measurements/results are structurally monitored and discussed at faculty level?
    • what is the role of the faculty monitor and how is this tool actually used by the CKO?
  • explain the way in which the faculty improvement plan is brought about:
    • how does the faculty guarantee the improvement plan enjoys wide support (how is it prepared, in which committees is it discussed, who is involved)?
    • how is the plan attuned to the personnel and the research policy plans?
    • how are actions identified and priorities determined?
    • how does the faculty allocate responsibilities, timelines and (potentially) resources to the actions identified in the improvement plan?
    • how does the faculty guarantee the implementation of the different actions set out in the improvement plan? 

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