Which administrative steps should be taken when a student does a work placement at Ghent University?

If a student does an work placement at Ghent University, they should prepare the following documents: 

  • an work placement contract (in Dutch). Please consult the contract for internships at Ghent University  to this end.  
  • A risk analysis. Either the risk analysis of the work placement provider or the risk analysis of Ghent University can be used. Are you in doubt about the right forms? Call the Department of Occupational Medicine at 09 332 30 50.
  • A workstation file, should this be necessary based on the risk analysis. Verify whether the student has a workstation file and make sure to sign it should no signature be included yet. Draft a (new) copy if the student does not have one. 
  • A health assessment, should this be necessary. Initially, the work placement provider is responsible for this assessment. Should this not be possible, the department of occupational medicine of the educational institution can also provide this. For Ghent University, this is the Department of Occupational Medicine. Keep in mind that the work placement provider should explicitly ask the educational institution for a health assessment. The work placement contracts of Ghent University contain a standard clause in this regard. If this is not yet the case, this clause should be added. The Legal Office can provide you with further information.
  • The trainee asks the work placement mentor, preferably before the start of the work placement, about first aid (where the first aid kit and first aid room can be found, who is responsible for first aid), safety procedures and emergency procedures.


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