What are the Specific Points to Consider for Work Placements in the Global South?

For a work placement in the Global South, the same points of attention are of course relevant as for other work placements abroad. However, there are a number of specific points of attention as well, which can be found in this educational tip.

  • Students going to the Global South should pay attention to the additional health risks for their specific region. This information can be obtained via the Travel Clinic of the Ghent University Hospital or via the Institute of Tropical Medicine.
  • Students travelling to the Global South should follow a special preparation programme. This programme is even compulsory for students with a VLIR-UOS- travel grant. Ghent University recommends the UCOS-offer but other equivalent programmes are also eligible. The focus of the programme should be global citizenship competencies:
    • study and analyse global topics and develop a critical view of these topics. 
    • feel involved in the North-South problem and be able to communicate within an intercultural context with respect for differences and diversity. 
    • take action for international solidarity with the South, as well as for sustainable development.  


Is there no structural collaboration yet between Ghent University and the work placement provider in the Global South? In that case, check the quality of the work placement: 

  • Is the work placement provider a registered and trustworthy NGO?  
  • Does the work placement provider ask no exorbitant prices? 
  • Does the work placement provider offer sufficient local support?  
  • Is the win-win situation for Ghent University, the trainee and the host institution clear enough and how will it be guaranteed as much as possible? 


Useful to know! 

  • The Global Minds-programme of the Global South offers cell funding in the form of a Capacity Building Call which allows the work placement supervisor to visit the work place along with the student in order to make more structural agreements. 
  • Would you like to collaborate in a sustainable and structural way with the work placement provider in the Global South? Preferably, negotiate a collaboration agreement or Cooperation Agreement for Traineeship

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