Web Lectures: a Practical Example from the Faculty of Sciences

Web lectures are recordings of e.g. a presentation, or extracts from a lecture, reading or workshop. If you want to find out how to make the most of web lectures, you can find some inspiration below. This education tip brings you a number of good practices from the Faculty of Sciences. 

How to Use Web Lectures in a Meaningful Way? 

The Faculty of Sciences has built up a lot of experience with web lectures in education. The web lectures are used in lectures, seminars and practicals in the following ways:   

  • in the flipped-classroom model 
  • as preparation for the lecture 
  • as a revision of the lecture 
  • as an extension of the lecture 
  • as a replacement of seminars 

Web lectures in the form of video tutorials and demonstration videos are useful tools to prepare students for practicals. The lecturer can use these videos to demonstrate essential skills, so that no precious time is lost during the practical itself. Instructional videos are ideal for demonstrating, for example, the functioning of software. 

The faculty also uses videos to provide feedback. For example, the Master Programme in Teaching uses the screen annotation programme Ink2Go to provide feedback on submitted assignments. 

Want to Know More? 

Check out the examples of web lectures (in Dutch) at the Faculty of Sciences here. The different implementations are illustrated using practical examples. They are a valuable source of inspiration for anybody who wants to work with videos in their educational practice. 

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