What does the COP Work Placement do?

Ghent University has formed a Community of Practice about work placements (COP Work Placements) to support study programmes and work placement providers with learning process supervision of students undertaking an work placement. 

  • This COP work placements offers primary information (for example: How can you phrase, realize and evaluate work placement competencies and which role does the work placement provider play in this context) via the work placement website
  • The COP work placements can also be gathered as a learning network that shares best practices or answers specific questions. In that case, the COP work placements acts as a connecting party. Do these questions go beyond the scope of the COP work placements (of practical, organizational, legal and medical nature)? Then it can refer you to another contact.  
  • Do you have questions related to didactics? In that case, the department of education quality assurance fulfils the role of the COP work placements by, for example, organizing a study group within its educational support programme
  • Good to know! Are important decisions being taken in the context of work placements about topics that go beyond the scope of the COP work placements? In that case, its list of contacts can be used to spread or gather information about work placements or to set up specific ad hoc study groups.

Last modified April 1, 2021, 1:44 p.m.