PowerPoint with Voice-Over


PowerPoint allows for an easy slide-per-slide voice-over recording, which you can then turn into a video and still annotate your slides. There is no need for recording the entire voice-over in one go. Instead, you can work slide per slide.

If you save the PowerPoint as a PPTx file, each slide has an audio file and you can share slide-per-slide notes with your students. You can also save the PowerPoint as a video file, so you can include annotations (markings with a pen or marker).


Looking to record a PowerPoint which includes a video of yourself? You can! Make sure that Office 365 has been installed on your computer (office.ugent.be, if necessary, ask someone with admin rights to install it for you, or contact helpdesk@ugent.be). This version of PowerPoint allows for both audio and video recordings in your PowerPoint presentation. 

What Are Suitable Didactic and/or ASsessment Methods? 

Not sure yet which didactic and/or assessment methods is most suited to your teaching context? Find inspiration in the step-by-step plan.  


Technical Manuals 

Video Tutorials

How to Make a PowerPoint with Voice-Over?


How to Put a Video on Ufora?


How to Put a PowerPoint with Voice-Over as PPT on Ufora?

This is useful if you want to share the slide-per-slide notes with your students.

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