Assessment Matrix: the Perfect Tool for Valid Assessments

If you want to take a closer look at your assessment (methods), we can offer you an excellent tool to help: the assessment matrix. The education tip below provides you with more information.  

What is an Assessment Matrix? 

An assessment matrix is a two-dimensional summary table that displays the answers to the following questions: 

  • what is the content, and what are the levels of understanding that should be covered in the assessment? 
  • what is the percentage of questions/assignments that should relate to the listed categories? 
  • how many questions at a particular level of understanding should the assessment contain? 
  • what are the questions concerned? 

Why Use an Assessment Matrix? 

An assessment matrix is a useful tool to make sure that your assessments are valid. Valid assessments actually assesses the content they intend to assess. An assessment matrix helps you to ensures that an exam is representative of what you want your students to achieve in your course unit. Using the matrix makes it easier to draw up similar exams (for example, for first exams and resits) or to draw up a well-balanced exam together with other lecturers. 

Practical Examples 

Assessment matrixes can vary considerably in terms of detail. A multiple-choice exam requires a more detailed matrix than, for example, a combination of a written exam and an oral exam. 


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