Pointers: How to Use Them?

Pointers or presenters are a type of remote control to use in combination with presentation software like PowerPoint. A pointer allows you to control your slides from a distance while you are giving a presentation. Most types have a laser pointer that allows you to focus attention on specific aspects of your slide. Some types have additional functionalities like e.g. blackening the screen or controling video functionalities.  

Didactic Advantages?  

You can walk around during class 

Giving a presentation keeps you tied to your computer and makes it impossible to walk around. Using a pointer allows you to move freely across the auditorium. Walking around, in turn, allows you to capture your students' attention more easily. It also gives you an excellent opportunity to silence noisy students: walk over and stand next to them, and continue teaching class from that spot. Your physical proximity will silence the chatting students.  

You decide what the students look at 

If you want your students to look at one specific aspect of your slide, e.g. a diagram, a graph or a photo, use the laser pointer to focus their attention. 

Do not be overly enthusiastic while using the laser pointer: try not to bounce the laser pointer all over the screen. It will distract the students. We advise you use the laser pointer carefully, specifically and moderately. 


Choosing a Pointer 

There are no product comparisons available, so we have made a limited inventory ourselves. The table below gives an overview of pointers that are currently on the market, what their differences are and how much they cost. Most pointers are suited for classroom use. 

  Logitec Wireless Presenter R400 Logitec Wireless Presenter R500  Logitech Professional Presenter R700 Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote Kensington: Red laser Presenter Kensington: Wireless Presenter Pro with Green Laser
Range  15m  20m 30m  30m  10m  50m 
Setup Software Needed?  No No No Yes No No
Battery Indicator Yes Yes Yes Yes (extra: rechargeable) Yes Yes
Operating System Compatibility Windows  Windows, Mac OS Windows  Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS, Android, Linux Windows, Mac OS Windows, Mac OS
Laser Functionality Red Red Red Choice of colour Red Green
Video Functionality No No No Yes No No
Black/White Screen Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Volume Control No No No Yes No No
Extras  / / Timer with vibrate mode signalling the end of a presentation
  • What you point at on the big screen is automatically displayed on the computer screen: what the lecturer points at on the powerpoint is therefore included by the lecture recording software  (for the benefit of students listening to the lecture via streaming). 
  • Timer with vibrate mode that also appears on computer screen. 
  • Ability to highlight and zoom in. 
  • Starting of video and sound control. 
USB stick 1GB /
Target Price 35 euros 40 euros 80 euros 129 euros  28 euros 45 euros


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