Mobile Set: Camera and Headset

This mobile set contains a camera with built-in microphone and a headset. The latter is optional. We advise to use it only in case there is a lot of ambient noise. In addition, the microphone that is built into the camera is of a much better quality than the headset. 

We advise using Zoom for teaching in a hybrid setting, but this mobile set can also be linked to MS Teams. 

The Camera

The camera with built-in microphone and USB plug consists of: 

  • BRIO 4K-webcam
  • USB 3.0 cable (compatible to USB 2.0) for webcam 
  • removable chip for webcam 
  • lense hood for webcam 
  • webcam case

How to Install?

The clip below is a step-by-step tutorial to install the mobile set: 


Or you can take the steps below: 

1. connect the USB type C to the back of the camera
2. connect the USB to the computer 
3. the camera installs itself and you will receive a notification once the process is completed. Please note that you will only receive this notification only once, upon first use of a specific camera. Upon every subsequent use, the notification will no longer appear. 

Optional: the Headset 

The headset consists of: 

  • Zone Wireless headset
  • USB A receiver for the headset
  • headset charger
  • headset case 

How to Install?

Plug the wireless receiver into your computer's small USB port. If you do not have a USB type C port, you can also use the USB plug that comes with the mobile set.  

How to Correctly Store the Equipment

The camera: the camera case has two compartments, which ensure that the camera itself is protected from possible damage caused by the cables. Use a different compartment for each. 

The headset: the headset case contains a smaller pouch for the USB. Use this pouch so that others using the set can quickly retrieve everything. Fold the headset's earphones inwards, so that they safely fit into the case.  

Zoom Settings for a Mobile Set

Under Video choose ‘Logitech BRIO’:

Under Microphone, choose ‘Logitech BRIO’ in case you want to use the camera's microphone:

Under Microphone, choose 'headset microphone (Zone Wireless)' in case you want to use the headset as a microphone:

What is the Mobile Set's Capture Range? 

The camera faces the lecturer. Using Zoom, you share your screen and this screen is also shared in the classroom. 

What Does the Recording Look Like?

The recording captures the shared screen (e.g. a PowerPoint) and the speaker. Next to these two screens, you can follow the chat session.

An excerpt from the training session: how to teach in a hybrid setting

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