Opencast and Capture Agents

Capture Agent: What? 

A capture agent is the fixed recording equipment present in a lecture hall, with which you can record and/or stream your class. This equipment generally consists of: 

  • a fixed camera in the lecture hall, 
  • a recording computer, 
  • a touchscreen, 
  • a keyboard and mouse, 
  • a recording lamp, 
  • and a remote control for the camera (though not in every lecture hall).  

The ICT Department's Multimedia Team can schedule recordings in advance. All scheduled lecture recordings start and stop automatically without manual interference. If you want to stream your lecture, you can activate that option using the touchscreen.  

Capture Agent: When to Use it?

Not sure which didactic and/or assessment methods to use? Find inspiration in the following step-by-step plan.   

Technical Information 

Tips & tricks 

  • keep your Ufora course orderly by uploading your lecture recording(s) to the corresponding module; 
  • give students room for asking questions in the form of either a forum, questions via e-mail or a designated question time during the following class.  

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