Work Placement Allowance: Can Trainees Receive a Compensation for their Work?

  • Is the work placement taking place in Belgium?

Belgian/Flemish law stipulates that trainees must not be paid a salary. However, the host organisation may decide to meet the trainee's expenses in the form of an allowance (either a lump sum or a reimbursement of proven expenses) for the duration of the work placement. If a work placement is salaried, an employment contract should be signed instead. Legally speaking, such cases can no longer be called "work placement", although the professional world may still continue to apply that term.  

  • Is the work placement taking place abroad?
    If so, other rules may apply. For example, a work placement fee may be required by local law. In case of work placements abroad, the host country's local laws always apply. 

Last modified May 19, 2021, 2:11 p.m.