What is the financial support for a work placement abroad?

A work placement abroad usually means extra costs for the student, for transportation, accommodation, administration or maintenance, etc. Depending on the country and the place of residence, costs may vary. There are a number of institutions that offer financial support by granting scholarships that can cover the extra costs, in specific cases by an additional scholarship for students with a Flemish Community scholarship. 

  • Make sure to monitor that students who are struggling financially have equal changes to do a work placement abroad than other students. Inform them about scholarship possibilities via the Ghent University website (in Dutch) or via specific faculty channels.
    • The Erasmus+-programme is the most well-known scholarship programme. It provides financial support for a work placement of at least two months in companies, training centres, research centres and organisations in one of the participating countries of the programme. Make sure to read the information on a scholarship via Erasmus+ (in Dutch) in detail.
    • Scholarships for work placements outside of the Erasmus zone financed by a.o. Ghent University, the Flemish government, VLIR-UOS and a number of other institutions are granted on a competitive basis. This happens via a uniform selection procedure, which consists of a portfolio that students must submit. Make sure to read the information on the procedure and the timing for a scholarship outside of the Erasmus zone (in Dutch) in detail.
    • Erasmus Belgica (in Dutch) offers financial support in the case of a study or work placement in the French-speaking part of Belgium. Via transregional projects, scholarship possibilities for the French-speaking part of Belgium are also on offer from time to time.
    • Other scholarship possibilities (in Dutch) are the result of European or other (regional) projects. In most cases, such possibilities are only temporary, unlike the long-term European programmes such as Erasmus+. The work placements are organised in function of the project and the budget which fund the scholarships. In order to apply for such (temporary) scholarships, students must usually follow specific deadlines or procedures. 
  • In order to apply for a scholarship, the work placement must be registered via Oasis. Students should not make costs before the scholarship is granted and before having checked the official travel advice. 

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