How to Register a Work Placement?

Each work placement should be formally registered. This is necessary to correctly report about the work placement and to be able to localize students quickly in crisis situations. The faculties have various systems for registering a work placement: 

  • The Faculty of Veterinary Sciences uses VESTA. 
  • The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences uses SPARTA, their own system, because of the specific professionally regulated work placement. 
  • The Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences uses STAR for registering work placement in the Master's Programmes of Teaching (EDUMA). 
  • The Faculty of Sciences uses MATIX (Marine Biological Resources) and PLATO (Physics & Astronomy, and Informatics).
  • The Faculty of Engineering and Architecture uses PLATO.


The faculties' work placement agreement registration systems will be added here. At this point, we are also working to optimize the training agreement process. More information about the training agreement can be found here.  


Want to Know More?

Want to know more about which system is used by your faculty and/or study programme ? Ask your work placement coordinator (in Dutch).

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