How to Encourage Students to Reflect on Their Work Placement?

A work placement is the perfect opportunity for stimulating self-reflection, which in turn leads to more intensive learning experiences at the workplace. Moreover, systematic reflection supports the principles of life-long learning and context-based learning


Make sure to ask the students on a regular basis to compare the objectives to their own personal achievements. Students can reflect on their own functioning during supervision and intervision meetings, either independently or on the basis of peer feedback. This Education Tip describes students’ independent reflections


Do not simply assume that all students can immediately reflect on their experiences in-depth. Teach students how to distinguish between observation reports and a critical analysis of their functioning. Inform students on how to self-reflect properly. 

You can provide general reflection questions such as: 

  • What have you done during your work placement? 
  • What went well and what could be improved? 
  • Which approach can you use the next time? 
  • What do you need for that?  


Or you can choose a more systematic approach, e.g. by following the Korthagen model. 

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