Education Support Services Contacts

On 10 February 2021, the Education Council ratified Ghent University's Education Support Services 2.0, consisting of general support services for study programmes and lecturers, and tailor-made support services for faculties and study programmes developed by the Education Department and the ACTIVO team. 

Institutional Education Support Services

The Education Support Team brings together Quality Assurance staff (DOWA team) and members of the ACTIVO project (ACTIVO team). They join forces to support lecturers and study programmes in designing high-quality education. Find out here about our full offer.


Faculty Education Support Services

The different liaison officers per faculty are listed below: 

Faculty Faculty Quality Assurance Staff    Faculty Liaison/ACTIVO Liaison 

Education Department  (Quality Assurance Office)  Liaison 

Economics & Business Administration

Helena Goossens

Flore Penninck

Alan Veys 

Janis Vanacker
Law & Criminology

Luc Lammens

Deirdre Corbeij

Jannie Noppe

Janis Vanacker

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Els Vansteenkiste

Manon Uijttenwaal

An Van Steenbergen Nele Mahieu
Arts & Philosophy

Veronique Christophe

Veerle Rotsaert

Nele Kellens Janis Vanacker
Engineering & Architecture 

Marion Roels

Charlotte Louwagie

Johannes Teerlinck Sabine Lamote
Political & Social Sciences

Valentine Vanderhaeghen

Jurgen Baecke

Jannie Noppe

Janis Vanacker

Charlotte De Volder


Siel Wellens Sabine Lamote
Bioscience Engineering

Petra Vanhooren

Chantal Hongenaert

Evelyne de Caluwé Sabine Lamote
Veterinary Sciences Werner Swannet An Van Steenbergen Nele Mahieu
Psychology and Educational Sciences  Pieter Soete

Lien De Neef

Sabine Lamote
Medicine & Health Sciences

Peter Van Den Berghe

Florine De Keyser

Valery Labarque Nele Mahieu


Some of the specific education themes have their own liaison officers. They are listed below:  


The institutional liaison officer is Katrien De Bruyn

A list of liaision officers at faculty level can be found here

Language Policy

The institutional liaison officers are Fieke Van der Gucht, Liesbet Triest and Mit Leuridan. They can be contacted at

A list of liaison officers at faculty level, the so-called "Language Liaisons", can be found on the Language Policy homepage (under construction).

Entrepreneurial Action

The institutional liaison officer for Entrepreneurial Action is Jolien Coenraets.


The institutional liaison officers at the International Relations Office are:

Geneviève Cochez: FEB, FDI, FPPW, FGE

Elisabeth Velle: FRE, FFW, FWE, FBW,

Rein Reynebeau: FEA, FLW, FPS

Sustainability and Social Impact 

The institutional liaison officer for Sustainability and Social Impact is Leen Van Gijsel.

Ombuds Services

The contact details for the faculties' and institutional Ombuds Services can be found here.

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